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You have no need to apologize, the crime is not yours unless we continue to let it happen again. You know they expected to kill us, and we expected to be killed. It was the inevitability of it that was so frightening…like now, we read a paper or watch the news, death, death everywhere but do we shudder? No, because we have learned to expect it, it is normal, a part of our lives. So we become blind to it. We have created a society that accepts murder and violence as normal. And because of that, we are all guilty. And still, we always appear more comfortable examining our conscience in the past, because that way it is easy to distance ourselves from the blame.  And it always starts with angry words and willing ears, with political ambitions, clever men that weave a web of lies to confuse and influence peace-loving people, into angry mobs, friends into enemies, neighbors into assassins and young men into young corpses, women into young widows, and always the same, It’s never any different, It is time to look at what is happening now, analyze and question it, in the present while something can be done to alter it. History can never be changed. It is the wrong place to try and resolve issues! What happened then is still happening now. The method may have changed but that is all, the hate is still the same, I hear the same lies wrapped around different lies and different reasons but it is all the same, we are picked up and put down without a second thought, maybe it is time we changed!